In RussianBelarusianLatvianLithuanian and Serbian cuisine, syrnyky (Ukrainian: сирник[и]; RussianсырникиBelarusianсырнікі) are fried quark pancakes, garnished with sour creamvarenyejamhoney or apple sauce. The cheese mixture may contain raisins for extra flavour. In Russia, they are also known as tvorozhniki 

Syrnyky or tvorozhniki is made from creamy tvorog (творогquark), mixed with floureggs, and sugar, sometimes adding vanilla extract.[1] Pot cheese or farmer's cheese is suggested as a subsitute for the tvorog. The soft mixture is shaped into cakes, which are fried in vegetable oil or hot butter. The consistency should remain creamy,[ while they are slightly browned on both sides.They are traditionally sweet and served for breakfast or dessert, but can be made savory as well.[1] Their simplicity and delicious taste have made them very popular in Eastern Europe. They are typically served with jam, varenye, sour cream, and or melted butter.

The name syrniki is derived from the word syr (сир), which now generally means "(yellow) cheese" in Russian, but once stood for soft white cheese. The Ukrainian language retains the old Slavic sense of the word, as in "domashnii syr (домашній сир)", whereas in Russian, the word for white cheese shifted to tvorog (творог).



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